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“Thank you Debbie for taking your yoga classes online….they are a vital part of my week during these exceptional times that we are living through. Your sessions have the perfect mix of exercise and meditation so that I come away feeling my mind, body and spirit have all been touched, renewed and energized. You have such an expanse of knowledge and insight and you instinctively know what each of us needs. Again ‘thank you’ Debbie”

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Connect to our online classes to connect to your Heart and embrace that welcome moment of stillness. £30 for 4 weeks unlimited live classes or recordings.



We are currently staying connected to our existing yoga students online and also welcoming those new to yoga, meditation and wellbeing. No matter what your experience please get in touch to find out what Vibe Studio could offer you.

Live classes or recordings

It’s lovely to feel connected to everyone as we practice yoga and meditation. So a variety of live classes available through the week

However we all have different circumstances so perhaps a recording would suit you better. You can use it as a get up and go in the morning or as a wind down when the all is quiet at home.

Unlimited classes

Classes are normally £7.50 a class when purchased as a block booking

As a thank you for supporting the studio during these unusual times our gift to you is £7.50 per week of classes

So 4 weeks of unlimited yoga is £30 with a total of 7 classes available each week that’s practically £1 a class!

Beginners Wellbeing

All classes on timetable are suitable for anyone with normal mobility*

If you are beginning your practice the beginners wellbeing classes are designed to give me time to go a little deeper into explanations of our wellbeing techniques and yoga movements.

*please call or email if you are unsure of your ability and I can make sure you are properly catered for.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha classes are ongoing online. We have key wellbeing techniques that we are using to keep our immune systems strong and support our mental wellbeing.

In each class we use our techniques, do pranayama (breathing techniques), as well as our asana practice (yoga postures) and meditation.

“I have been doing yoga with Debbie for over a year now,I really look forward to her classes,from my very first class she has always made me feel very welcome.Debbie classes seem to be able to reach all abilities,if you are nervous about going to a class don’t be,you will be made to feel very welcome and you will get a lot from it, her on line classes have been really great at these unusual times”


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