1 to 1’s

Yoga and Wellbeing 1 on 1’s

Each session is tailored to you! During a 1 to 1 session I can combine Yoga teaching with my BodyTalk knowledge.

Allowing me to:
🌟Address specific health concerns, injuries and limitations.

🌟Focus on your specific goals; from anxiety and stress relief to support training for a marathon or specific sport.

🌟Build a strong foundation for a home or class practice.


Will the session be physical or will it involve meditation?

Before the session we will have a consultation to discuss your specific needs and expectations from the session.

Examples of types of sessions

If you are coming for stress relief (depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, sleeping etc) your session may involve simple BodyTalk techniques and yoga breathing practices to allow you to have the tools to improve your health everyday. We may do a sequence of yoga asana designed for your needs.

If you are coming for flexibility or injury prevention, we may have a more physical practice and continue to fine tune how you can work with your goals going forward.

If you are coming with an interest in meditation we will work with your starting point. And I will give you a range of tools to clear your mind from simple breathing techniques, to BodyTalk techniques and specific ways to clear your vibration. And we may do a short asana practice to get the physical body ready to be still. So you have the clear mind and space to begin meditation be that Mantra, silent or guided. We will explore together.

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